FFB Prices in South Sumatera in the Second Period of June 2024

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FFB Prices in South Sumatera in the Second Period of June 2024. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Faiyaz Titan Hasibuan

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PALEMBANG – According to the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Team of South Sumatera Province in the second period of June 2024 (June 16–30), a decision was made on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, to increase the price of 10- to 20-year old FFB by Rp 83.94/kg, bringing it to Rp 2,807.56/kg.

The next meeting to determine FFB price lists for the first period of July 2024 will be held on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, at the South Sumatera Plantation Agency office.

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Here are the FFB price lists in South Sumatra Province, as reported by Palmoilmagazine.com from the South Sumatra Plantation Agency:

  • 3-year-old FFB: Rp 2,383.83/kg
  • 4-year-old FFB: Rp 2,457.33/kg
  • 5-year-old FFB: Rp 2,576.46/kg
  • 6-year-old FFB: Rp 2,615.03/kg
  • 7-year-old FFB: Rp 2,618.53/kg
  • 8-year-old FFB: Rp 2,690.16/kg
  • 9-year-old FFB: Rp 2,731.06/kg
  • 10-20 year-old FFB: Rp 2,807.56/kg
  • 21-year-old FFB: Rp 2,795.22/kg
  • 22-year-old FFB: Rp 2,793.06/kg
  • 23-year-old FFB: Rp 2,772.54/kg
  • 24-year-old FFB: Rp 2,688.03/kg
  • 25-year-old FFB: Rp 2,692.04/kg

Additionally, crude palm oil (CPO) is priced at Rp 12,233.41/kg and palm kernel at Rp 7,357.97/kg, with a P index of 90.19%. (T2)

Disclaimer: This is about to inform FFB price lists from what local agency decided; it could be different from the spot.

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