Empowering Smallholders: Batanghari District Allocates 70 Thousand Palm Oil Seeds

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, MUARA BULIAN – Muhammad Fadhil Arief, the Regent of Batanghari, shared that the district has taken significant strides in advancing the local economy through the distribution of 70 thousand palm oil seeds to smallholders within the region. This initiative reflects the district’s steadfast commitment to enhancing both palm oil plantation productivity and the overall economic well-being of its residents.

The program, carefully devised by the authorities, aims to invigorate the economic landscape of the area. By providing smallholders with palm oil seeds, the district anticipates not only a surge in agricultural yields but also an increase in employment opportunities and income generation for the local populace.

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“Though the challenges are ahead, we would allocate 70 thousand palm oil seeds for the smallholders,” he said, as quoted from Antara, Monday, (7/8/2023).

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He also noticed that agriculture is the main economic pillar in District of Batanghari. It is the barn of food and source of income for many villagers. The program would cover not only palm oil distribution but everything to develop agricultural infrastructures.

District of Batanghari decided some priorities to develop agricultural infrastructure to get easier access to their plantations. It is hoped the infrastructure (way) would be starting in 2024. It is hoped the smallholders would transport their plantation harvest easier (to mills) and reduce logistic cost and be more efficient.

Palm oil plantations in the district laid about 173 thousand hectares. They are divided into the companies and people’s plantations. By delivering palm oil seeds and developing infrastructures, it is hoped, District of Batanghari would get the big potential in agricultural sectors to develop sustainable economy and minimize economic gap in the district. (T2)

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