Police in Katingan District Expose Alleged Corruption in Smallholders Replanting Program (SRP) Funds: Two Officials Arrested

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Doc. Special / Police in Katingan District Expose Alleged Corruption in Smallholders Replanting Program (SRP) Funds

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PALANGKA RAYA – In a recent press conference held in Katingan on Tuesday (8/8/2023), Chief of Public Information of the Central Kalimantan Regional Police, Kombes Pol Erlan Munaji, announced a significant breakthrough in uncovering a corruption case related to the fund allocation for the Smallholders Replanting Program (SRP) in the Mendawai Sub-district of Katingan District, Central Kalimantan Province.

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The investigation, which spans the years 2020 to 2021, has led to the apprehension of two suspects identified as YA and YO. Both individuals held the positions of Head of the Fishery, Food, and Agriculture Agency in the Katingan District from 2019 to 2022.

Erlan Munaji continued, the suspect, YA signed Recommendation Documents to get SRP fund help from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency to Secretariat of General Directorate of Plantation in 2020 – 2021 for five smallholders’ groups in Sub district of Mendawai, District of Katingan.

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“In fact, the groups did not qualify the criteria (to get SRP fund help). But they got the fund that reached more than Rp 27,5 billion” Erlan Munaji said, as Palmoilmagazine.com  quoted from Antara.

He continued, in this case, the two suspects cooperated to get the fund help. YA proposed five smallholders’ groups while YO made fake recommendation documents that the five groups were worth it (to get fund helps).

Audit result showed that fund help was assumed to be misused in SRP in the district in 2020 – 2021. Their action was assumed to deliver loss of revenue that reached more than Rp 10,7 billion.

The suspects are now arrested in the Police Office of Katingan. They are accused by Chapter 2, paragraph (1) and/or Chapter 3 Juncto Laws Number 31 / 1999 about Corruption Eradication as it is substituted by Laws Number 20 / 2001 Juncto Chapter 55, paragraph (1) the first Criminal Code.

For their action, the two suspects could be sentenced for life imprisonment or minimally four years and maximally 20 years, and fine between Rp 200 million to Rp 1 billion.

During the investigation, Police Resort of Katingan also seized evidences more than Rp 17 billion, including cash, two laptops, and files that could be as fake recommendation that YO made. The investigation is still in process to reveal other facts in the case. (T2)

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