10 Regions Receiving the Largest Palm Oil Profit Sharing

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The Indonesian government has recently unveiled the distribution of palm oil profit sharing  to specific regions across multiple provinces. This announcement was made in response to mounting pressure from various regions, urging the central government to be more transparent about the calculation of palm oil profit sharing.

According to a report featured on Palmoilmagazine.com, which cited Bisnis.com, the following ten regions have received the largest allocations of palm oil profit sharing:

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  1. Riau Province – IDR 83.13 billion
  2. North Sumatra Province – IDR 74.86 billion
  3. West Kalimantan Province – IDR 65.66 billion
  4. Central Kalimantan Province – IDR 60 billion
  5. South Sumatra Province – IDR 51.2 billion
  6. Ketapang District – IDR 48.3 billion
  7. Kotawaringin Timur District – IDR 46.48 billion
  8. East Kalimantan Province – IDR 43.4 billion
  9. Rokan Hilir District – IDR 39.3 billion
  10. Jambi Province – IDR 38.33 billion

On the other hand, North Maluku is the province that got the smallest numbers of palm oil profit sharing, just laid on 5.600 hectares. Kepulauan Riau and Maluku got profit sharing that laid about 7.600 hectares and 10.200 hectares.

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Though palm oil PS was announced, some parties, including Governor of Riau Syamsuar thought, the numbers are no enough about the calculation. He said the central government never involved palm oil producer regions to calculate palm oil PS and the regions never know what the formulation was and be taken as ideal numbers.

Syamsuar hoped the central government should be open about PS calculation. By having it, the regions where palm oil plantations develop would have better understanding about the calculation and get result as many hoped for, as quoted from the official page of Riau Province. (T2)

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