ISPO Watch Advocates Against Palm Oil Free Labels in Indonesia

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA ISPO Watch, an independent institution, strongly denounces the use of palm oil free (POF) labels on products in Indonesia. Coordinators at ISPO Watch argue that the government must play a role in safeguarding and regulating the markets in Indonesia, firmly opposing the adoption of POF labels in the country.

ISPO Watch highlights that palm oil faces more significant competition in the European Union (EU) compared to other vegetable oils, including those produced within the EU. The recent developments have spurred certain stakeholders in the EU to launch negative campaigns against palm oil, with some even proposing the use of POF labels in Indonesia.

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Jaya Selwan, the Chairman of ISPO Watch, expressed regret over the negative campaign. He emphasized that Indonesia has established regulations for sustainable palm oil cultivation known as Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). This framework sets out sustainable principles aimed at promoting the best governance practices in the palm oil industry within the country.

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“When many are trying to improve palm oil governance practices in sustainable ways, the POF label comes up. This is a negative campaign and discrimination for palm oil products in Indonesia,” he said in the official statement to Wednesday (3/1/2024).

He urged other related palm oil stakeholders from upstream to downstream sectors to reject POF label products in this country because palm oil is the asset and pillar of the Indonesian economy. Every sector needs to unite to fight a negative campaign that would be a loss for palm oil industries in this country.

“To face the POF label, the key would be understanding sustainable practices to confirm the economic sovereignty and competition of palm oil products from Indonesia in the trade globally,” he said. (T2)

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