Complex Permits in South Papua

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, MERAUKE – Sunaryo, Assistant II at the South Papua Secretariat, responsible for palm oil investment and permits, represented the Governor of South Papua in a recent meeting with indigenous people and PT. Dongin Prabhawa at Sunny Day.

He stated that since the launch of the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) in 2010-2011, 49 plantation permits have been issued. However, only a few companies, including Korindo Group, PT. BIA, AJP, APM, and IJS, are currently operational.

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Sunaryo emphasized the importance of achieving sustainable development in the province, noting that investments should be balanced and not solely profit-driven.

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“Just like the Ministry of Investment ordered, there should be no region that could develop without investment. The next is that investment should not only be oriented in profits only but also maintain the balance. We have to notice these,” Sunaryo said, as quoted from papuaselatanpos, Tuesday (2/7/2024).

He also explained the issue about the indigenous people’s areas and PT. Dongin Prabhawa, as one involved company in the province. He thought, in the province level, forest function change would be their responsibility while the other utilization areas would be the authority of the regional government.

The controversy described the complexity in permit and investment management in South Papua Province, the challenges to maintain the balance among economic development, environmental protection, and the indigenous people’s rights. (P2)

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