Leadership and Competence Enhancement Training for Planters by PT Sawit Nabati Agro – IOI Group and PT Daya Guna Lestari

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Tens of planters with their position as assistants and senour assistants in PT Sawit Nabati Agro – IOI Group joined the leadership and competencies improvement for Planters training. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, KETAPANG – Tens of planters serving as assistants and senior assistants within the PT Sawit Nabati Agro – IOI Group recently underwent a leadership and competency improvement training program.

This training initiative served as a professional refreshment course under the sustainability program established by PT Daya Guna Lestari, which was originally part of a leadership academy program. The primary focus was on enhancing competencies, particularly in leadership, which stands as a core value within the IOI Group.

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The training took place at one of the SNA Group’s subsidiaries, PT Sukses Karya Sawit, located in West Kalimantan Province, on June 4th and 5th, 2024. Approximately 50 planters from various subsidiaries of the group, including PT Berkat Nabati Sejahtera, PT Bumi Sawit Sejahtera, and PT Kalimantan Prima Agro Mandiri, participated in the event, divided into two batches.

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Vinoth Arumugam, Plantation Controller Region 1, emphasized that the leadership and competency improvement program aimed to cultivate effective leadership qualities among participants, turning them into exemplary role models under the guidance of experienced trainers.

“The materials delivered would be very useful for the planters in the refreshment traiing program. We do appreciate Director of PT Daya Guna Lestari, Louis Sastrawijaya as the number one motivator in Indonesia, and Abdul Hamdan Nasution as the professional planter,” he said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine.com, Tuesday (4/6/2024).

In his speech, Director of PT Daya Guna Lestari, M. Gema Aliza Putra did appreciate PT Sawit Nabati Agro – IOI Group that entrusted PT Daya Guna Lestari to deliver the program to escalate human resource competency, namely the professional planters in PT Sawit Nabati Agro – IOI Group.

“We hope the training would motive the participants to escalate their productivity in the future,” Gema said. (T2)

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