Abdul Latif Manik Inspiring Commitment: Thriving in RSPO Training Despite Physical Challenges

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Doc. of Fortasbi/ Abdul Latif Manik got gift after answering question from Group Manager of Koperasi Produsen UD Lestari, Jumadi.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Four years ago, Abdul Latif Manik’s life took a dramatic turn following a stroke. However, rather than viewing this setback as the end of his capabilities, he embraced it with a positive outlook. He refused to let his physical limitations define him. Instead, Abdul Latif Manik made a conscious decision to nurture his inner strength and make continuous self-improvement a priority.

As reported by Palmoilmagazine.com, on Thursday, August 10th, 2023, at the age of 63, Abdul Latif Manik continues to exude determination and resilience. He has not allowed his physical condition to diminish his spirit. What’s more, Manik actively engaged in training under the RSPO Independent Smallholders Standard (RISS), conducted by Asosiasi Bentang Alam in collaboration with PT Gunung Melayu (Asian Agri) in the Asahan District of North Sumatera, during the latter part of July 2023. This training signifies his ongoing commitment to growth and development despite the challenges he has faced.

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It was not easy for Manik to get to the training location. Though it was only 100 meters from his home, he had to be taken by his son in law. It was not easy because Manik believed, there is nothing impossible if someone has enormous spirit and will.

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The smallholder who cultivates a 3,6 hectare – area also explained that he wants to get more knowledge and understanding about RSPO Principles and Criteria. He wanted to know how to implement the sustainable and good agricultural practices.

Not only his courage, but he has to get power to keep talking and interacting with other though he has special physic now. As the training participant, he successfully answered the question delivered by Group Manager of Koperasi Produsen UD Lestari, Jumadi who described every material in the training.

“It was touching personally. A training participant who suffers from a stroke could answer the question from the speaker. It was so inspirational. A smallholder within his limit, still wanted to join the training. What about the healthy smallholders? This really motivates us particularly for Asosiasi Bentang Alam,” Jumadi said. (T2)

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