Governor of Central Kalimantan Advocating for the Implementation of FPKM in Palm Oil Plantations

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H. Sugianto Sabran, Governor of Central Kalimantan. Photo by: Special

InfoSAWIT, PALANGKA RAYA – H. Sugianto Sabran, Governor of Central Kalimantan officially inaugurated a forum discussion organized by the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) with the theme “Prospects of Oil Palm Plantations Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja (UUCK).” The event took place on Monday, 5th February 2024, at the SwissBell Hotel Danum in Palangka Raya.

Central Kalimantan, as Indonesia’s largest province spanning approximately 153,568 km2 or over 15 million hectares, holds significant potential in the plantation sector. According to data from the General Directorate of Plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture in 2022, palm oil plantations in the province cover around 1.9 million hectares, making it the third-largest province in the country after Riau and West Kalimantan.

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Governor Sugianto Sabran emphasized in his address that regional development requires active participation from stakeholders. Investments from both stakeholders and the government are crucial for generating employment opportunities, reducing poverty levels, advancing human resources, and developing infrastructure.

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“Central Kalimantan Province is optimist with the good palm oil investment climate. We do encourage that the plantation productivity would positively deliver impacts for the people around,” he said, as quoted from MMCKalteng, Tuesday (6/2/2024).

He also told it is important to implement fasilitasi pembangunan kebun masyarakat (FPKM) scheme that obliges the companies to develop 20% from their areas for the people.

Governor Sabran also mentioned palm oil companies in the province should notice the people around as it is regulated in the regulations. He emphasized plasma plantation development (20%) is important thing to maintain security and comfort of investment in plantation sector to minimize conflicts between the companies and the people themselves. (T2)

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