Eco Nusantara Took Every Party to be Transparent about Palm Oil Area Conflict in Astra Agro

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, DONGGALA – Eco Nusantara, as independent institution that PT. Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., appointed, took every party to cooperate to solve the issue around palm oil plantations of Astra Agro’s subsidiaries.

Eco Nusantara proposed it as part of its mandate after being appointed as independent institution by PT. Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., to verify the issues that people suffer from.

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Director of Eco Nusantara, Zulfahmi told that they would do field verification in the first place about area conflict that happened in palm oil plantations that PT. Lestari Tani Teladan (PT.LTT), PT. Agro Nusa Abadi (PT.ANA), and PT. Mamuang cultivate. Team of Eco Nusantara would collect every field information to map the issues.

“The result of field investigation would be delivered to Astra Agro and the company would deliver it for the public,” Zulfahmi said to, Saturday (3/6/2023).

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He also explained that his institution has no authority to inform the public about their finding. Besides he hoped that every party could be transparent and cooperate by delivering the information and data needed by Eco Nusantara. Open information for the public can be seen in the website of Astra Agro.

For information, team of Eco Nusantara consists of 12 men. They are divided into three field work teams. Editorials of knew that the team started collecting field data since Saturday (27/5/2023).

If you are curious about the field verification process by Eco Nusantara, update the latest information only at InfoSAWIT – news network in Media InfoSAWIT group from Mitra Media Network. (T7)

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