Warta Ekonomi Appreciated Companies through 2023 Indonesia CSR Awards

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Warta Ekonomi delivered appreciation for the companies that are fully committed and positive for the environment and people through 2023 Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards that was running online on Thursday (6/7/2023).

The event with the theme “Managing Social and Environment Responsibilities to Gain Business Manifestation” was managed by Quadrant1 Komunika and supported by Sarana Menara Nusantara, Asian Agri, Bank Mayapada, and some companies from other sectors.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi Group, Muhammad Ihsan said that environment index taken from the data of Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesian Republic showed that environment quality index in Indonesia in 2022 was at 72,42 points.

“The numbers increased 0,97 point compared to 2021,” Ihsan said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine.com.

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Investors’ perception on environmental issues, as data from 2022 PwC Global Investor Survey, showed that 69% of investors in the globe wanted that the companies should deliver relevant information about sustainability in their business models.

Not only that, 64% of Indonesian consumers made environment aspect as their consideration to purchase (some) product.

The event itself was attended by General Director of Environment Damage and Pollution Control Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Sigit Reliantoro. He said some things about CSR implementation when many businesses face challenges.

He thought, some challenges in CSR are the implementation of business strategies in their supply chains.

“Changing perception that CSR is only separated social responsibility and put CSR as integral part of business strategies are the changing custom in (a) companies and decision making that focus on the long term. That is why it needs enough resources, including finance, human, and technology (to realize the perception),” Sigit said. (T2)

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