Governor of East Kalimantan Addresses EU Palm Oil Critics as Part of Vegetable Oil Competition

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Doc. Special/ Governor of East Kalimantan, Isran Noor discussed palm oil issues in Den Haag, Netherland.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, DENHAAG – Palm oil matters have sparked controversial discussions in Indonesia, particularly concerning its relations with European Union (EU) countries. Governor of East Kalimantan, Isran Noor, addressed these issues during a discussion in the Netherlands.

Isran Noor emphasized that palm oil is often unjustly accused of being linked to environmental and forest damage due to its production. However, the governor believes that these criticisms stem from competition within the vegetable oil industries.

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Isran Noor thought palm oil is more environmental than sunflower oil where it is planted and produced in EU. This happens for palm oil could grow for about 25 to 30 years without cutting the trees after few months. “As long as it grows, palm oil can absorb sunshine, has something to evaporation, absorb rain, contributes to natural conservation,” he said, as quoted from the official page of East Kalimantan Province, Friday, (21/7/2023).

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He also emphasized palm oil and sunflower compete in productivity and production. One hectare – palm oil plantation could produce equally to 10 hectares sunflower oil. That is why palm oil has superiority in productivity and makes it win if competing sunflower oil.

Isran also claimed palm oil plantings always refer to environmental standards. It was planted in non-forest areas, such as, other land use. Unfortunately, much information went wrong that internal groups told to EU countries.

It is important to know that Indonesia is one main crude palm oil (CPO) producer country within about 55 million tons per year. Of the numbers, 20 million tons were applied and used in the domestic as the material of producing palm cooking oil and biodiesel. The rests were about to export.

The Ambassador of Indonesian Republic in Den Haag, Mayerfas said, CPO exports to Netherland and EU still go on. “Without palm oil, it would be very difficult. Some time ago, when we stopped for two months, they (EU) screamed out loud,” he said.

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Netherland, Mayerfas continued, would be the main trade partner of Indonesia in Europe. Last year exports from Indonesia reached US$ 65 billion and surplus US$ 5 billion. Netherland is the biggest investors of EU to Indonesia, including the tourists visits to Indonesia. The numbers could be 250 thousand per year. The Netherland tourists visited many regions in Indonesia, not only Bali.

“Mister Governor, keep going on palm oil. One thing for sure, Netherland would deliver more economic values for East Kalimantan and Indonesia,” Mayerfas said. (T2)

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