Bangka Tengah District Receives Infrastructure Allocation to Enhance Palm Oil Plantation Methods and Expansion

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Doc. Special/Socialization about Palm Oil Plantation Infrastructures in Bangka Tengah at Ballroom Hotel Santika, Bangka, Thursday (20/7/2023).

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PANGKALANBARU – On Thursday, 20 July 2023, the District of Bangka Tengah’s Agriculture and Food Security Agency conducted a socialization event focused on Palm Oil Plantation Infrastructures. The event took place at the Ballroom of Hotel Santika Bangka and saw the participation of 50 attendees. The primary objective of the socialization was to support the development of palm oil as the district’s key plantation commodity, with a focus on increasing production, productivity, and planter’s quality.

During his address, Algafry Rahman, the Regent of Bangka Tengah, highlighted that the infrastructure fund for palm oil would be provided in various packages. These packages include support for extensification, nursery for productive plantations (intensification), post-harvest tools, processing units, ways development or enhancement, transportation tools, agricultural machines, market infrastructures, and technical verification through Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification.

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“The socialization of infrastructure helps is new in Bangka Tengah and it is hoped to help and increase the planters’ economy,” Algafry said, as quoted from the official page of District of Bangka Tengah, Friday, (21/7/2023).

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The district got infrastructure allocation in 2023 that covers, area intensification that would lay about 100 hectares, production way development that would lay 100 hectaers, and got 1 (0ne) ISPO certificate.

Head of Agriculture and Food Security Agency District of Bangka Tengah, Dian Akbarini said that the infrastructure socialization was facilitated by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Maangement Agency (PFMA). The infrastructure could be got by smallholders’ groups, unions, or other smallholders’ institutions.

The socialization would be positive to encourage the smallholders’ plantations development and quality in the district. It is hoped the helps would deliver significant advantages for planters and contribute to economic development in the region.

“By the support from the district and sustainable cultivation, palm oil could be one significant sector in the future economy in Bangka Tengah,” Dian Akbarini said. (T2)

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