Launch of Green Transport Rally to Advocate Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – ASEAN GTR was series of ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) which the goal is to identify the economic and environmental profit potential from kinds of technology sustainably.

There were eight cars in the convoy, such as, two Hyundai Ioniq, one Mercedes Eq, two Wuling Almaz Hybrid, one Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, one Toyota Kijang Innova, one Toyota Hilux and one Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid that used biodiesel 40 (B40).

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In a bid to bolster Indonesia’s bid for chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2023, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) in collaboration with the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) inaugurated the Green Transport Rally (GTR).

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This innovative initiative entailed a convoy of vehicles utilizing environmentally friendly fuel, commencing its journey from Jakarta on August 20, 2023, and culminating in Bali on August 24, 2023. Operating under the theme “Towards Net Zero Emissions,” the rally aimed to assert ASEAN member states’ collective commitment towards addressing transportation sector challenges to realize their emission reduction goals.

Yudo Dwinanda Priaadi, the General Director of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion at MEMR, emphasized that among ASEAN members, Indonesia holds the distinction of being the highest energy consumer. This demand is projected to continue rising in alignment with economic advancement and population growth.

In this context, Indonesia assumes a pivotal role in advancing renewable energy development, crucial for supporting economic progress, mitigating climate change, and achieving energy security, independence, universality, and affordability.

“Energy transition in transportation sector by using environmental fuel in vehicles would encourage net zero emission (NZE) target in Indonesia in 2060 or sooner,” Yudo said in his speech in the Launching of ASEAN GTR 2023 in the office of MEMR, Sunday (20/8/2023).

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Executive Director of ACE, DR. Nuki Agya Utama who also attended the launching, told that ASEAN GTR 2023 would encourage the awareness of sustainable mobility to choose and it is important to get ASEAN developed and have progress. The rally should also escalate energy efficiency and awareness to use vehicles that use energy supplies and technology.

“By integrating ASEAN Green Transport Rally to Energy Business Forum of ASEAN, ACE would actively contribute to focus on transportation sustainably in ASEAN region and focus on significantly innovative solution to get alternative sources of energy for transportation sectors. This is important to guarantee energy security, stable energy supplies and cheaper energy in transportation sectors,” Nuki said, as in the official statement to

Just the same with ASEAN Energy Outlook the seventh (AEO7), transportation is one biggest energy consumption in the regions, namely in oil product. This raised energy security issue because ASEAN is one oil net importer region – about 182 mega tons of oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2020.

In the same time, this would deliver impact to emission. Transportation contributed 20,9% of total emission in 2020 with the prediction that in 2050 energy demands would increase three times more than the basic scenario. Efficient energy use, substituting transportation by using vegetable oil and electric vehicles would decrease oil imports to be 846 mtoe. That is why it is very urgent to get sources of energy substitution and sustainability.

In the same chance, Director in duty of Partnership Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Kabul Wijayanto said that Indonesia is one country that develops vegetable fuel – the highest blending rate with diesel in the world by conducting B35. Biodiesel production from palm oil is one form of downstream industries that the government keeps encouraging to get increasing additional values in this country. It is also effective to minimize export dependence on crude palm oil (CPO), and minimize fossil fuel use.

“PDMA would fully support Green Transport Rally 2023 as the social awareness which is very good to the public about environmental and vegetable fuel advantages,” Kabul said. (T2)

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