Forest Fires Hit Palm Oil Plantations in Tapin District

Doc. Special / Forest Fires Ilustration

PALMOILMAGAZINE, TAPIN – A fire ravaged palm oil plantations and nearby areas in the Village of Pandahan, located in the Tapin District of South Kalimantan Province. Sofyan, the Head of Emergency and Logistics at the Regional Disaster Management Agency (RDMA) for Tapin District, reported that on Thursday, September 7, 2023, the fire consumed approximately one hectare of local plantations.

Furthermore, the fire had wider repercussions as it spread to affect more than five hectares of bushy areas nearby, engulfing them in flames as well.

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As quoted from Antara, team was going to the palm oil plantations in fire to extinguish it by carrying portable machine. RDMA Tapin and the team were still fighting for to extinguish the fire around the village.

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Not only in Village of Pandahan, in almost the same time, the same thing happened in Village of Pematang Karangan, Sub district of Tapin Tengah. RDMA still gathered every information about the impacts fo the fire to evaluate every damage.

The fire in the forests and areas is a serious threat for environment and the local people. Besides damaging palm oil plantations as the source for some villagers, the fire threatens man’s health and negative to the local ecosystem. (T2)

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