Collaboration Tenera Smallholders and NGO Got Cultivation Documents that Laid about 1.500 Hectares

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Doc. Special / Mozard D Staing, the Head of the Agriculture and Food Security Agency in the District of Katingan, and Sugiyarno, Chairman of Kelompok Tani Tenera, exchanged a handshake as they gathered smallholders' data.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, CENTRAL KALIMANTAN – The District of Katingan collaborates with a non-governmental organization and smallholders who are part of the Kelompok Tani Tenera to collect palm oil plantation data. This data is essential for establishing cultivation documents for individuals engaged in small-scale palm oil cultivation.

The Kelompok Tani Tenera, primarily composed of residents from the Sub-district of Katingan Hilir in the District of Katingan, Central Kalimantan Province, has received support from the Agriculture and Food Security Agency. This support enables them to obtain cultivation documents for hundreds of their members. As a result, the group has achieved official recognition as smallholders within the District of Katingan.

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Chairman of Kelompok Tani Tenera, Sugiyarno said the group tries to support the regional policies, such as, developing palm oil plantations in Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) schemes.

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The members of Kelompok Tani Tenera have been implementing the sustainability of palm oil plantations. In 2018 the group got RSPO certificate. “Though one year -training and development were not easy for the smallholders,” Sugiyarno recently said to

He continued, the success of the group to get RSPO certificate is the proof that the smallholders in Tenera implement best and sustainable practices. “Our next generations would inherit environmental and sustainable palm oil plantations in the future,” he said.

For information, 35 members of Kelompok Tani Tenera got RSPO certificate that laid about 223,94 hectares, 15 female smallholders or 45,71 percent are involved in the group.

The other success is that Kelompok Tani Tenera also cultivates watermelon in their palm oil plantations. It is normal that the group gets support and credit incentive from RSPO and it develops until now.

The group also takes other (farmers/smallholders) around to join and implement sustainable ad best practices, such as, by having cooperation with District of Katingan and non-government organization.

The good cooperation successfully got smallholders’ plantation data that laid about 1.500 hectares. “Of the numbers, 450 hectares derived from the members of Kelompok Tani Tenera and got cultivation documents,” Sugiyarno explained.

The support of Head of Agriculture and Food Security Agency, Mozard D Staing, according to Sugiyarno, was very useful for the people. That is why he continued the supports should always be developed to empower palm oil plantations.

As quoted from the official website of Agricultura and Food Security Agency District of Katingan, the agency has goals to escalate agricultural sectors to the regional economy and have been implemented, such as, escalating palm oil plantation production and smallholders’ institutional capability. (T1)

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