Civil Organizations in Sambas Advocate for Equitable Transition in Palm Oil Industries

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An international conference addressing fair transitions in the palm oil industry has been officially inaugurated. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, SAMBAS – An international conference addressing fair transitions in the palm oil industry has been officially inaugurated. The two-day event took place in the District of Sambas, West Kalimantan Province, and saw the participation of various stakeholders connected to the palm oil sector, including laborers, labor unions, local residents, indigenous groups, environmental activists, feminist organizations, and representatives from both domestic and international entities.

Fery Madagaskar, the Regional Secretary of the District of Sambas, highlighted the significance of laborers as crucial components in the palm oil industry. The conference aimed to address and resolve industrial relations between laborers and companies. In his inaugural speech, H. Fery expressed hope that the conference’s outcomes would provide valuable insights and solutions for palm oil industry issues in Sambas and Indonesia.

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Achmad Surambo, the Executive Director of Sawit Watch, emphasized that the fair transition discussions would encompass addressing unfair conditions. The focus extends beyond wages to include considerations of agrarian conflicts.

“The two day – conference would be important day and history. Let us discuss together about fair transition in palm oil plantations. What it is, should be with nowadays context. We have to come to a conclusion what ideal condition we hope for to lead what we would do in the future and would be one action for everyone of us,” he said, as in the official statement to, Tuesday (28/11/2023).

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Transnational Palm Oil Labor Solidarity (TPOLS), Rizal said that the fast palm oil plantation development delivers big profits for some parties but it is not seen in labors’ reality. It just raised agrarian conflicts because of palm oil plantings and natural damages.

“The bad condition from palm oil industries is the big issue to be solved with labors, feminism groups, and indigenous people,” he said.

Tina Goethe of HEKS said that palm oil industries are developing in many countries. Palm oil plantation labors are in bed condition; the indigenous people lost their indigenous land and forests are damaged. “It needs industrial transformation from social and ecology aspect. Transformation should be developed by labors, feminism, and indigenous communities’ perspectives,” she said. (T2)

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