International Training on Sustainable Palm Oil Cultivation and Capacity Building Draws 36 Participants from 17 Countries

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36 participants from 17 countries joined the training about sustainable palm oil cultivation and capacity building in Bogor from 22 June to 2 July 2024. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BOGOR – The city of Bogor hosted a gathering of 36 participants from 17 countries to participate in a training program focused on palm oil cultivation and capacity building in smallholder agriculture.

This collaborative event involved the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Institut Pertanian Bogor, and the International Development Cooperation Agency, taking place from June 22 to July 2, 2024.

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Participants from countries spanning Argentina to Thailand convened to exchange experiences and discuss best practices in palm oil commodity management. Umar Hadi, General Director of the Americas and Europe at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the importance of this exchange in ensuring the sustainability of palm oil in global trade.

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The diverse participants, including researchers, decision-makers, business professionals, and diplomats, aimed to gain deeper insights into cross-commodity agriculture practices essential for the sustainability of smallholder farming.

Vice Director of IPB University in Research, Innovation, and Agro-maritime People’s Development, Prof. Ernan Rustiadi emphasized that IPB has actively reinforced stakeholders locally and contributed to sustainability in palm oil sector.

“It is hoped the training would also reinforce the cooperation with the global south countries by having collaboration, research, and education,” Prof Ernan said, as quoted from Antara, Tuesday (25/6/2024).

In the future, Umar Hadi said, it would depend on how to confirm the smallholders’ welfare in agriculture – sectors. This would be crucial to realize the goals of the world that should be free from poverty and hunger, as same as written in sustainable development goals.

It means, the training would be not only about learning process but also the real thing to support sustainable agriculture in the global scale. The collaboration with many countries would be significant modal to face the future challenges in palm oil sectors. (P2)

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