Ma’ruf Amin : Facing Black Campaigns by Comparison Base Research

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Vice President Indonesia, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin said that palm oil is always cornered. “We are facing black campaigns as if it weren’t good and damaging environment. We have to fight those,” Ma’ruf said, as PALMOILMAGAZINE quoted from the official statement, Saturday (10/6/2023).

He also suggested Masyarakat Perkelapasawitan Indonesia (MAKSI) and other related organization to immediately do comparison – based research to inform the people in the world that palm oil is useful and delivers advantages. We should also maintain the environment good.

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“There should be comparison about areas where palm oil, soybean, and sunflower grow. We have to focusing more about this as the contra to negative campaigns,” Vice President Ma’ruf said.

Prior Chairman of MAKSI, Darmono Taniwiryono told the negative campaigns about palm oil are shocking because he said, the students have negative images about palm oil for being an environmental destruction.

“It is a shock because the students are against to palm oil. It means, it is our work to deliver good information and be accepted in the society. This is the future challenge for us,” he said.

Darmono continued, MAKSI is delivering information as much as possible to the people about palm oil advantage through nowadays popular media. 

“With the public relation, we get into the latest media because the people have handphone. What MAKSI informs, produces should be through games, questionnaire so that the young generations love palm oil,” he said. (T2)

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