Vice President Ma’ruf Amin: MAKSI Needs to Coordinate with Other Institutions to Develop Sustainable Palm Oil Industries

Doc. Special, JAKARTA – Vice President K.H. Ma’ruf Amin acknowledges the significant economic contribution of the palm oil industry to the local economy and recognizes the health benefits of palm oil. 

In order to effectively formulate the development of the palm oil industry in Indonesia, he emphasizes the need for synergy among institutions such as the Indonesian Palm Oil Society (MAKSI), the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), and the Indonesian Palm Oil Growers Association (APKASINDO).

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“MAKSI needs to coordinate with other institutions, such as, IPOA and APKASINDO. There has to be the same strategy to develop sustainable palm oil industries,” he said when having the visit of MAKSI at Istana Wakil Presiden, Friday (09/06/2023).

Ma’ruf Amin also told palm oil is a plant that is full of advantage. Its part can be optimized to deliver higher advantages.

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“We have to say the goodness of palm oil. Every part of the tree cannot be thrown away. Many want its waste for having advantages,” Vice President Ma’ruf Amin told, as quoted from the official statement, Saturday (10/6/2023).

He continued that the government is focusing to take advantages from palm oil as the material to substitute fossil fuel which decreases in number. “The government in reinforcing to make green energy, developing biodiesel program or B30. It means, palm oil biodiesel can anticipate it,” he explained.

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