Balancing Development of Palm Oil Plantations with Preserving History and Culture

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – While developing palm oil plantations, the preservation of history and culture remains a priority. In the village spatial programs aimed at identifying potential and protecting areas, including cultural sites, Village of Nehas Liah Bing’s respected figure, Kristian Hasmadi, fondly known as Pak Lung, emphasized the significance of maintaining the villagers’ way of life, which is closely connected to nature and cultural traditions. “Our history and culture must be preserved,” he stated in an email interview with

Pak Lung also highlighted the positive impact of the smallholders’ palm oil plantation program, which has helped the villagers recognize that the value of palm oil lies not merely in its grade but in maximizing production efficiently within limited areas.

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There are three main keys to arrange spatial, they are, participation that involves every component; the second, agreement where in our region there have been permits on going so that every party can came to a conclusion to arrange the spatial.

“The third, policy which means, what we have arranged should not crash to the government’s regulations,” Pak Lung said. (T2)

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