Advancing Sustainable Palm Oil in West Kalimantan Province through RAD-KSB Initiative

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, PONTIANAK – In an effort to enhance the sustainable governance of palm oil plantations and industries, West Kalimantan Province has exhibited its strong commitment by devising and executing the Sustainable Palm Oil Regional Action Plan (RAD-KSB). This strategic initiative is poised to foster environmentally sound and beneficial palm oil cultivation for the local populace.

Heronimus Hero, the Head of the Plantation and Livestock Agency in West Kalimantan Province, emphasized that the province has engaged in productive dialogues with numerous palm oil producers across various districts. The primary objective of these deliberations is to expedite the formulation and implementation of RAD-KSB. Such meetings are envisaged to spark collaborative efforts and synergistic partnerships among stakeholders within the palm oil sector.

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One commitment of the province to realize RADKSB is by publishing the Regulation of Governor of West Kalimantan Number 3 / 2022 about Rencana Aksi Daerah Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan. “The regulation is about to encourage palm oil stakeholders and smallholders, namely independent smallholders to actively contribute in implementing sustainable principles in their business,” he said, as quoted from Antara.

RAD-KSB of West Kalimantan Province identified six major programs to run to realize sustainable goals. The programs are data reinforcement; coordination and infrastructures; planters’ capability and capacity enhancement; environmental management and monitoring; plantation governance implementation and dispute handling; Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil certification acceleration; and increasing market access of palm oil products.

In addition, RAD KSB is one condition to get palm oil profit sharing. That is why Heronimus asked for the full support from every district in the province and members of RAD-KSB to realize it. By RAD-KSB crude palm oil production in the province that reached up to 4,9 million tons could always be increasing by escalating plantation quality in every plantation.

To face issues and challenges, such as, deforestation, forest degradation and negative impacts for the environment, RAD-KSB could be the key to get palm oil sector in the province go forward. By implementing sustainable practices, palm oil sectors could deliver economic advantages sustainably, contribute to welfare the people, and maintain environmental conservation. (T2)

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