Central Bangka Regent Addresses Palm Oil Workers Associations on Massive Unemployment

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The Central Bangka Regent met with palm oil labor associations to address widespread unemployment. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, CENTRAL BANGKA – Regent of Central Bangka, Algafry Rahman, received representatives from the palm oil workers’ associations of Central Bangka in his office on Monday (06/03/2024).

The meeting focused on the unemployment issue affecting hundreds of workers from PT Mutiara Hijau Lestari (MHL) and CV Mutiara Alam Lestari (MAL), stemming from the account freeze of both companies due to an ongoing tin corruption investigation.

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The workers’ representatives expressed their concerns and aspirations to the regent, hoping for the resumption of company operations. If reopening is not feasible, they requested their normative rights, including severance payments and social insurance.

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Regent Algafry Rahman expressed his sympathy for the workers’ situation and discussed the issue with Safrizal, the Acting Governor of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. They planned to coordinate further at the Hall of Mahligai Governor’s Official Office on Monday afternoon.

“We would discuss it with Governor in duty to get the solutioin and we would do the best so that every worker would get their rights,” Bang Ayi, his nickname said, as Palmoilmagazine.com quoted from Information and Communication Agency, Regency of Central Bangka, Tuesday (4/6/2024).

He hoped every party should be patient and having big hearts that issue would be followed up by the regency. One issue that the workers are facing is that they could not use their social insurance and it is being coordinated with health agency and related instances. The documents for the banks about the workers’ account are being processed. “Be patient and hope that we could solve every issue,” Algafry said. (T2)

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