Government Initiates Acceleration of ISPO with 140 Certification Packages in Infrastructure Program via PFMA

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InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Prayudi Syamsuri, the Director of Plantation Product Marketing and Processing at the General Directorate of Plantation within the Ministry of Agriculture, has revealed that the government has readied 140 ISPO certificates.

However, there have been no institutions that have applied for these certificates. Prayudi emphasized that if any institution obtains an ISPO certificate, the government is prepared to provide them with substantial infrastructure support. This announcement was made during the National Discussion on Sustainable Palm Oil in Jakarta, attended by in late July 2023.

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He also said, the world needs sustainable palm oil certification and acknowledgement should be delivered by the people to give real description about palm oil plantation development in Indonesia. “That palm oil is developed not by damaging environment,” he emphasized.

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That is why the smallholders should encourage ISPO policy. If they do not get or implement the policy, Prayudi thought, they only prioritize themselves, not the country.

He also admitted the biggest obstacle to implement ISPO policy is that the smallholders are difficult to get cultivation documents. Luckily, for some regions, such as, in District of Paser, cultivation documents were helped. “In the future, the regional governments should not ask the smallholders to get cultivation document registration but directly take them to get it,” he said. (T2)

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