Kaleka: ISPO Certification of Independent Palm Oil Smallholders through a Jurisdictional Approach

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Bernadinus Steni Sugiarto from Kaleka at the Public Discussion and Press Conference held by SPKS on Wednesday (3/4/2024) in Jakarta. Photo by: Palmoilmagazine.com

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Aspects of capacity building, mapping, organizational formation, and legality are crucial steps in maintaining the sustainability of the palm oil industry. These aspects can be supported by the government and coordinated by local authorities, this was conveyed by Bernadinus Steni Sugiarto from Kaleka at the Public Discussion and Press Conference held by SPKS on Wednesday (3/4/2024) in Jakarta which was attended by Palmoilmagazine.com.

Steni continued, funding constraints in the certification process can be overcome if a large number of oil palm farmers participate in ISPO certification, in the experience that has been done if certifying ISPO with 500 farmers, the cost required reaches US $ 170 per ha.

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On the other hand, if the number of oil palm farmers certified is 2,000 farmers, the cost will only be around US$ 50 per ha.

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Implementing the ISPO process on a large scale is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency. Therefore, a territorial approach (jurisdiction) is key in carrying out the audit. Local governments play a key role in leading this process, involving various stakeholders such as government, NGOs, industry players, and farmers. This collaboration enables mutual support among stakeholders and ensures holistic and sustainable policy implementation.

Furthermore, Steni said, incentives are an important part of encouraging active participation and engagement from various parties. One of the significant beneficiaries is independent oil palm smallholders.

“With a regional scale approach, companies in the region can collaborate with each other and provide support. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the local government to facilitate this collaboration by providing the necessary facilities,” Steni said. (P3)

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