PT AAJ Claims to Have Conducted Emission Tests from Third Parties

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – As previously reported by, the Environment Agency of Daerah Khusus Ibukota (DKI) Jakarta has imposed an administrative sanction on a palm oil industry operating within Jakarta. This sanction was issued due to the company’s failure to meet the specified source standards, specifically related to the company’s chimney.

The sanction was enforced in accordance with Decision of the Environment Agency of DKI Jakarta Number e-0126/2023 concerning the Implementation of Government Coercive Administrative Sanctions.

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In response to this information, the Communication Division of PT AAJ asserted that if there are any issues or anomalies regarding emissions from the company, the company is committed to taking immediate action to address and rectify them.

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PT AAJ got emission test by third and credible auditor. The test result emphasized that the company fully qualified emission that related authority regulated. “Besides we did cooperation with Environment Agency DKI Jakarta to validate our finding. We are still waiting for the result,” Corporate Communications PT AAJ, Vanda Kusumaningrum said, as in the official statement to recently.

Vanda continued PT AAJ is in conversion process to get gas boiler. “This is part of our sustainable commitment in 2030 to advantage more environmental source of energy and minimize the (negative) impacts for the environment,” Vanda said. (T1)

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