Collaborative Efforts of PT KAL and Puskesmas Kuala Satong to Combat Dengue Fever

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Collaborative Efforts of PT KAL and Puskesmas Kuala Satong to Combat Dengue Fever. Photo by: PT KAL

PALMOILMAGAZINE, KETAPANG – PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL), a subsidiary of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk. (ANJ) located in the Ketapang Regency of West Kalimantan Province, partnered with the Public Health Center (Puskesmas) Kuala Satong in the Matan Hilir Utara District to conduct fogging operations aimed at reducing the spread of dengue fever caused by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes.

This initiative took place on Wednesday (31/01/2024) at the Puskesmas Pembantu (Pustu) in Dusun Kepayang, Village of Laman Satong, Sub-district of Matan Hilir Utara, Ketapang Regency.

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In addition to collaborating with Puskesmas Kuala Satong, the fogging activities involved the participation of the head of Dusun Kepayang and the clinic team from KAL. The efforts were focused on the residences of individuals confirmed to have dengue fever cases. Apart from fogging, the team also removed mosquito breeding sites and applied larvicide by inspecting all water containers in the villagers’ homes, schools, and other locations.

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Furthermore, the team distributed abate powder in these areas to prevent the breeding of Aedes Aegypti larvae, thus reducing the potential threat posed by mosquitoes to the villagers.

Pawali, SKM, the Head of Puskesmas Kuala Satong emphasized the fogging would be significant because of the high dengue fever cases in Regency of Ketapang, particularly in Village of Laman Satong, Sub district of Matan Hilir Utara, and 7 patients are being cured. He appreciated the collaboration with KAL and hoped that the synergy would keep going to solve diseases and would escalate health services in the village.

General Manager KAL, Dadi told KAL would always be committed to support health programs namely to prevent and stop dengue fever cases in the society.

“The collaboration is the realization that KAL cares about the villagers’ health issue. We hope the program would help minimize the case and escalate the life quality in the society,” Dadi said, as in the official statement to, Wednesday (7/2/2024).

Prior, KAL and Puskesmas Kuala Satong did collaboration to prevent stunting case and delivered health services for the children through health care.

Dadi also mentioned the health programs by KAL are the same with the vision and mission in ANJ group, which is to escalate the quality of life of the villagers through health, education, and social economic empowerment programs. (T2)

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