Central Bangka Regent Harvests Palm Oil and Distributes Aid to Groups

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Algafry Rahman, the Regent of Bangka Tengah, Photo: Specialspearheaded the inaugural palm oil harvest at Kebun Sarnubi in the Village of Celuak, Subdistrict of Simpangkatis.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, SIMPANGKATIS – Algafry Rahman, the Regent of Bangka Tengah, spearheaded the inaugural palm oil harvest at Kebun Sarnubi in the Village of Celuak, Subdistrict of Simpangkatis. Engaging in the Smallholders Replanting Program (SRP) alongside the Tani Suka Makmur smallholders’ group, Algafry personally harvested the fresh fruit bunches (FFB) as a symbolic representation of 32 months of hard work.

During the event, Algafry provided assistance to the group, which included technical recommendations, cultivation documents, the BAST production method, and pesticides to combat plant pests. These tangible measures aim to bolster sustainability within the SRP and contribute additional value to the smallholders.

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Algafry underscored that the first harvest serves as tangible evidence of the smallholders’ dedication and positive intentions. He highlighted the significance of both action and prayer as a harmonious combination for achieving favorable outcomes. Additionally, Algafry affirmed the commitment of the District of Bangka Tengah to support the well-being of the people, particularly in the agricultural sector.

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“We would monitor FFB price, do coordination with central government about fertilizers and making plantation production ways in 12 smallholders’ group. These would help you, sirs. Hopefully, what we are doing would deliver the good. District of Bangka Tengah through Food Security and Agriculture Agency and other stakeholders would realize what you hope for,” Algafry said, as Palmoilmagazine.com quoted from the official page of Statistic, Information Communication Agency Bangka Tengah, Saturday (2/12/2023).

Head of Food Security and Agriculture Agency District of Bangka Tengah, Dian Akbarini said that by 2023, District of Bangka Tengah got total technical recommendation from General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture up to 658,772 hectares. The numbers involve 11 joint groups. He also told that palm oil plantation production increases as same as SRP runs.

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“The average productivity per hectare per once harvest could reach 400 kg. The numbers showed that SRP could increase plantation productivity and escalate the smallholders’ income,” Dian said.

Dian also said that District of Bangka Tengah would get palm oil profit sharing and would be used to develop and maintain ways and others. Dian told that in 2023, 140 planters got cultivation documents.

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SRP first harvest was attended by Syahran as the member of Bangka Tengah Legislators from regional II, heads of agencies in Bangka Tengah, head of Sub district of Simpang Katis, head of Village of Celuak, Director of RSUD Dr. Ir. H. Ibnu Saleh, M.M., army officers in Village of Celuak, army officers from Village of Celuak, smallholders’ groups, groups that got helps in Bangka Tengah, and figures and religious figures in Village of Celuak. (T2)

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