Evaluating Stakeholder Engagement in the JTF EUDR for Palm Oil Sustainability

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Activities in the palm oil plantation. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Khairul Nur Fajri

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Sri Palupi, a researcher at the ECOSOC Institute, highlighted that the Joint Task Force on the European Union (EU) Due Diligence Regulation (JTF EUDR) failed to engage all stakeholders in the palm oil supply chain. Palupi emphasized that the JTF EUDR should facilitate dialogue and validate every stage of the palm oil sourcing process.

According to Palupi, the JTF is intended to address concerns related to the implementation of the EUDR for smallholders, serving as a pre-implementation dialogue. Therefore, the JTF must involve all stakeholders, ensuring that fundamental principles of transparency guide its operations.

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“Unfortunately, in JTF first meeting, the parties impacted was not involved in” he said in a discussion that Palmoilmagazine.com recently attended

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He also proposed that every basic principle, such as, transparency, participation, inclusion, and accountability can be implemented by JTF in order not to leave particular parties behind.

“The smallholders would get the impacts from the policy. They have to be taken in order to suggest field inputs and the principles would deliver positivity,” he said.

Manager Advocacy and Campaigner of Pantau Gambut, Wahyu Perdana told that there should be four basic points why the task force was established, they are, transparency, participation, inclusivity, and accountability. The four should run well because the impacts of EUDR would not be for industries only bt also the people in palm oil supply chain.

He continued ISPO should be implemented not only by industries but also by the smallholders. (T2)

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