Continuing Public Consultation: Collaboration between PT Bio Inti Agrindo and Merauke Regional Government in Community Development and Environmental Conservation in South Papua Province

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Doc. / The social and conservation program public consultation event took place on Monday, June 26, 2023, at Hotel Halogen, Merauke.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, MERAUKE – In the pursuit of a shared goal to make Merauke a gateway for healthy, intelligent, and prosperous communities, the Merauke Regional Government (PEMDA) and PT Bio Inti Agrindo (PT. BIA) have formed a strategic partnership in community development and environmental conservation. The second public consultation event, held today on Monday (26/06), aims to enable all parties to share their respective roles.

The social and conservation program public consultation event took place on Monday, June 26, 2023, at Hotel Halogen, Merauke. The event was attended by the Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Empowerment of Village Communities, village head representatives, Indigenous Community Institutions, religious and community leaders, DPMPTSP BKSDA, Department of Food Resilience, Politeknik Yasanto, Universitas Musamus, and other participants.

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In this Public Consultation event on June 26, 2023, it is expected to inform the results of activities throughout the year 2022, gather aspirations and input from stakeholders, and synergize the activities of the Merauke District Government together with PT. BIA in implementing programs in the coming year. The aim is to ensure that the planned programs are effectively targeted and realized in the field according to the needs of the community.

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During the opening ceremony, through the offered prayer, Pastor Hengki also prayed that every good intention carried out together would receive blessings from God and have their prayers answered. Furthermore, Pastor Hengki stated that “GOD has entrusted us to manage this beautiful land of Papua” through collaborative programs for the development and preservation of the environment in cooperation between the Merauke Regional Government and PT BIA. “May God always bestow blessings and grant all good desires for the welfare of the people of Papua,” said Pastor Hengki in his prayer.

Representing the Merauke Regional Secretary, Mr. Jeremias Ndiken delivered a speech and expressed his hope that “the Malind community must have intelligent children who can contribute to the development of Merauke.” He also emphasized the proper utilization of plasma profit sharing by the community, including saving a portion of it. This was the message from the Secretary for the Malind community.

Mr. Yanto Dawenan, General Manager of PT BIA, stated that this activity is part of PT BIA’s commitment as a sustainable company, and they require support from stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the planned activities in the eight villages.

This event serves as a follow-up to the strategic partnership between the Merauke Regional Government and PT. BIA, which was initiated in June 2022. On this occasion, PT. BIA, represented by Mr. Resit Sozer as the Program Manager, presented the progress made over the past year, including socio-cultural and economic studies conducted in collaboration with Politeknik Yasanto Merauke. “This baseline study will serve as a benchmark/indicator of success in program implementation,” said Resit Sozer during his presentation.

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