Sumatran Tiger Appears in Palm Oil Plantation in Riau

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Sumatran Tiger Appears in Palm Oil Plantation in Riau. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PEKANBARU In the Batang Cenaku Sub-district of Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) District, Riau Province, a female Sumatran tiger and its cub were spotted in local palm oil plantations, as reported by Genman Suhefti Hasibuan, the Head of Balai Besar Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (BBKSDA) Riau. This occurrence was a result of the habitat being affected by rain and flooding.

“There are lots of Sumatran tigers in the District of Inhu because this is their habitat,” Hasibuan said, as quoted from Media Center Riau on Friday (5/1).

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He also said that the changing weather and floods pushed the tiger to appear on people’s plantations and would create conflicts with men.

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To prevent it and to confirm the safety of the local people, everyone should not go alone to their plantations or lonely forests. Hasibuan also mentioned that it needs to be avoided and not disturbed by tigers if people meet it in person. BBKSDA Riau has done mitigation, including coordination with related instances.

Since it was reported for the first time on December 31, 2023, BBKSDA Riau has been in cooperation with related instances, such as the KPBD District of Inhu, the Head of Sub District of Batang Cenaku, the police, and others. Though there is no further information about the appearance of the Sumatran tiger, it needs to keep preventing and monitoring everything.

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In the mitigation, the team also socialized and warned the people not to hunt, trap, or endanger the protected wild animal. The socialization is about to make the people who live around the habitat of tigers safe.

Hasibuan also suggested that photos or videos taken when meeting with the tiger should not be uploaded to social media to avoid the worry in society. In the contrary, he encouraged to report if the people meet it to the authority. BKSDA Riau would keep monitoring in the field to confirm that Sumatran tigers always exit and prevent further conflict. (T2)

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