Milestone Achievement: Inauguration of BioCNG Plant Underscores Dedication to Sustainable Energy Solutions

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Inauguration of BioCNG Plant Underscores Dedication to Sustainable Energy Solutions. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, LANGKAT – A significant step towards enhancing the utilization of new renewable resources in Indonesia took place with the official establishment of the first commercial Bio Compressed-Biomethane Gas (BioCNG) plant in Blangkahan POM, Village of Blangkahan, Subdistrict of Kuala, District of Langkat, North Sumatra Province.

This milestone occurred on Monday (22/1/2024), and the construction, led by PT KIS Biofuel Indonesia, is projected to span approximately fifteen months. This initiative is part of a larger plan to develop 25 Bio-CNG plants, each with a capacity of 15,500 M3 BioCNG/day.

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The BioCNG plant is expected to generate 387,500 M3 of Bio-CNG per day, resulting in a reduction of about 3.7 million tons of CO2 annually. Additionally, the plant is anticipated to produce 3.7 million carbon credits each year, contributing positively to greenhouse gas reduction.

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Edi Wibowo, the Director of Bioenergy at the General Directorate of New Renewable Energy in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, expressed appreciation for the establishment of the BioCNG Plant in Langkat. In his address, he expressed hope that the plant would operate efficiently and significantly contribute to supporting Indonesia’s energy transition, particularly in leveraging biogas as a renewable energy source.

He also emphasized that the Government of Indonesia is committed to support energy transition through some targets, strategies, programs to take advantages on renewable energy. “One significant thing is the decision of new renewable energy advantage target about 23% in 2025 as it is regulated in national energy policy,” Edi said, as in the official statement to recently.

Indonesia, through Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource designed Grand Strategi Energi Nasional (GSEN) with the goal, to reduce dependence on fossil energy. One breakthrough in this process is by taking advantages on big scale biogas or industry as the substitution of liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

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To support BioCNG contruction, the ministry did some, for instance, publishing Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) 9164 Biomethane for fuel in 2023 together with BSN. Besides, business permits – KBLI 35203 for biogas was announced to permit biogas as the fuel.

CEO PT KIS Biofuel Indonesia, Ragunath hoped that Indonesia would be the biggest bioCNG producer in Asia. He thanked Unilever, AEP, dan KIS Group for the incredible supports and convinced that Indonesia would be the pioneer to take advantages on bioCNG to answer the future sustainable energy needs.

Regent in duty of Langkat, Syah Afandin appreciated the project and hoped that it would be the sample for others to do the same innovation, and would deliver employment wider in the region. (T2)

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