Riau Province Updates Low POPS Numbers in Palm Oil Plantation Areas

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Palm oil plantation. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Yayan Saputra

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PEKANBARU – The Plantation Agency of Riau Province, in collaboration with the local administrations of the regencies/cities within the province, has undertaken an update regarding palm oil plantations in the region.

This initiative comes in response to numerous complaints from plantation agencies at the regency/city level regarding discrepancies in the allocation of palm oil profit sharing (POPS) that did not reflect the actual situation.

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Syanhrial Abdi, the Head of the Plantation Agency of Riau Province, conveyed through the Secretary of the Riau Province Plantation Agency, emphasized the necessity of updating palm oil plantation data. This update is crucial as the distribution of POPS relies on accurate information about plantations and production levels.

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Currently, the data utilized by the central government to assess these factors in Riau Province is sourced from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

“We did re-verification and update about palm oil plantations together with plantation agencies in the regencies/cities in Riau,” Supriadi said, as Palmoilmagazine.com quoted from Media Center Riau, Wednesday (14/2/2024).

He thought, the results significantly increased. It is hoped to escalate POPS numbers for Riau.

He could not be sure that palm oil plantation update would escalate POPS numbers this year. He knew that the 2024 POPS has been allocated.

“What we knew is that the 2024 POPS has been allocated. In 2023, POPS for every province in Indonesia reached Rp 3,4 trillion, while in 2024 the numbers would be Rp 3 trillion, if it is not mistaken. Of course, it gets lower in numbers,” he said.

Supriadi continued that it happens for the cheaper (crude) palm oil this year than it last year. This means, palm oil would be cheaper this whole year without any meaningful increasing price just like it was last year.

“Last year, we knew CPO was very expensive,” he said. (T2)

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