Blaze Engulfs Local Palm Oil Plantation in Bengkalis Regency

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15 Hectares Palm Oil Plantations in Bengkalis, Riau Province Were in Flame. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BENGKALIS – A 15-hectare palm oil plantation owned by Koperasi Sawit Permadani was engulfed in flames. The incident occurred in Dusun Bukit Air Raja and Dusun Bhakti, Tanjung Leban Village, Bandar Laksamana Subdistrict, Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province.

Bengkalis Police Chief, AKBP Setyo Bimo, confirmed that the affected plantations belonged to local residents. “The fire has been extinguished and is currently undergoing the cooling process,” he stated on Wednesday (27/3/2024).

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According to Bimo, the fire had been ongoing since last week, starting from March 20, 2024. To combat the blaze, a total of 39 personnel from the Army, Police, and Fire Department were deployed to the scene.

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In addition to the fire in the plantations, another incident occurred on Jalan Parit Lakim, Dusun Sejati, Sepajat Village, Bandar Laksamana Subdistrict, Bengkalis Regency.

“In Dusun Sejati, the fire took place for 3 days and 52 personals should extinguish it,” AKBP Setyo Bimo said, as quoted from Sindonews, Thursday (28/3/2024).

Not only that the fire did happen in Village of Temiang, Sub district of Bandar Laksamana, Bengkalis. There were 49 personals to extinguish it.

“The fire happened for the rests of fire that happened two days prior and spread to the next canals. We are still calculating the burnt plantations,” he said. (T2)

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