IPB and Minamas Gemilang Collaboration: Fostering Exceptional Human Resources with BEST Program Scholarship-Offer Valid until May 11, 2024

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IPB and Minamas Gemilang Collaboration: Fostering Exceptional Human Resources with BEST Program Scholarship-Offer Valid until May 11, 2024. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BOGOR – The Technology and Plantation Production Management (Teknologi dan Manajemen Produksi Perkebunan/TMP) Program at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) has maintained a fruitful collaboration with PT Minamas Gemilang, Sime Darby, through the Minamas Scholarship initiative since 2010 until 2018.

In 2018, this collaboration was further strengthened through the implementation of the Building Estate Sustainability Transformational Program (BEST Program), aimed at recruiting palm oil plantation assistants equipped with comprehensive insights, competencies, leadership skills, and adaptable attitudes tailored to the cultural requirements of Minamas.

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The BEST Program represents a developmental scholarship model targeting high school graduates, individuals from labor families, employees, and community members residing in proximity to palm oil plantations. This partnership serves as a crucial link between education and employment, ensuring that the curriculum developed by the TMP study program at IPB aligns effectively with current industrial and employment demands.

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To enhance competency, the learning process involves a dual system, combining academic instruction at IPB’s Bogor campus with practical training at industry-specific Training Centers in Riau Province (Manggala Training Center) and Central Kalimantan Province (Sukamandang Training Center). Instruction is delivered by IPB lecturers, TC trainers, division managers, head assistants, division assistants, and other expert staff members proficient in the relevant subject matter.

From the official statement that Palmoilmagazine.com achieved, Thursday (18/4/2024), on 16 April 2024, located at Sekolah Vokasi IPB University, TMP study program has been extended with PT Minamas Gemilang.

The memorandum of understanding was attended by Rina Martini (Vice Dean in Academy, Students, and Alumni), Ade Astri Muliasari (Head of TMP study program), Edi Wiraguna PhD (Secretary of TMP study program), Aidil Azhar (Cooperation Commission), Wina Yulianti (Commission of Education) and Ratu Anna Nazla Laila (Head of Administration). Besides, the partners of collaboration, such as, Zulham Ramadhan (Human Resource (HR) Manager – Learning and Development, Minamas Plantation) and Eka Gustanto (HR-Training Centre, Minamas Manggala) did attend it.

For your information, the 2024 BEST Program Minamas is now available until 11 May 2024 and please go to . The scholarship would cover educational fee, living costs, book allowance in every semester, end – project allowance and graduation day, laptop, industrial apprenticeship, chance to get employed in every subsidiary of PT Minamas Gemilang. (T2)

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