Revitalizing Abandoned Areas: Villagers of Gampong Kuta and Paya Palas Cultivate Dusun Leupon for Palm Oil Plantations

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The villagers of Gampong Kuta and Paya Palas cultivate abandoned areas in Dusun Leupon to be palm oil plantations. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PEUDAWA – Dozens of villagers from Gampong Kuta and Paya Palas in the Peudawa Subdistrict have begun cultivating a 300-hectare area in Dusun Leupon. Forty families are participating in this initiative aimed at revitalizing the smallholders’ economy.

Previously, the abandoned land belonged to PT Perkebunan Bumi Plora but had been left uncultivated for approximately 19 years, from 2005 to 2024.

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“The area status or business rights was claimed and belonged to PT Perkebunan Bumi Plora but there was no activity since the last 19 years until now,” Chairman of Inisiator Petani, Dusun Leupon, Sutrisno P said, as in the official statement to, Tuesday (2/7/2024).

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Sutrisno said that the areas were planted by rubber trees in 1991. But for 15 years to 2005, the rubber trees were cut off and the areas were abandoned. “Since 2005 until now, the wild plantations grow,” he said.

For the abandoned areas, the pest attacked the farmers’ plantations in Dusun Leupon. The villagers planted kinds of vegetables, but the pest always attacked, for instance, pig, and other wild animals.

“We came to a conclusion to get new planting in the areas because we need to get more to earn our families, just like the others that got more income from planting activities,” he said.

Referring to Undang-Undang Pokok Agraria (UUPA) Number 5 / 1960, Chapter 27 mentioned that the rights of belonging would be no existing if the areas have been handed over for the country for some reasons, such as, because the areas were abandoned. Chapter 27 also explained that the areas would be taken to be abandoned if they were not utilized as it should be or the characteristics and the goals of the rights.

Sutrisno emphasized that the villagers deserve to get better lives just like others. “Does not the country provide the areas for the welfare of the people? The areas were abandoned for about 19 years. In Islam, whoever revive the dead areas, should maintain the fertility. The owners should do it,” Sutrisno said. (T2)

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