Exploring the Benefits of Lycopene in Palm Oil

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Doc. Palmoilmagazine.com / Crude palm oil (CPO) contains approximately 8.74 parts per million (ppm) of lycopene.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Lycopene, a naturally occurring compound responsible for the red color in various fruits and vegetables, is also found in palm oil. Crude palm oil (CPO) contains approximately 8.74 parts per million (ppm) of lycopene.

As Palmoilmagazine.com  quoted from Buku Fakta Kelapa Sawit, Lycopene has something to do with significant health, for instance, it is about to reduce cancer risks. Lycopene is proved to have strong anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant helps fight free radical that causes cell damages that contribute to develop cancer disease. Consuming lycopene could minimize stomach, prostate, and lungs cancer risks.

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It potentially minimizes the risk to coroner heart disease risk: The research showed that lycopene could help reduce coroner hearth disease. This happens for the antioxidant in lycopene that helps protect blood vessel from oxidative and inflammation damage which are the main factor of coroner heart disease.

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It is also potentially minimizing osteoporosis: Some early research showed that lycopene could play its role to keep the man’s bones healthy or prevent osteoporosis. Lycopene helps increase bone mineral density and maintains the making and absorption of bone.

It potentially escalates male’s fertility: lycopene has something to do with escalating male’s fertility. Some research showed that it could increase sperm quality, motility, morphology, and minimize DNA damage risks in sperm.

It potentially minimizes neuron disease risk, such as, parkinsons: some research showed that consuming adequate lycopene could relate with minimizing neuron disease risks, such as, Parkinsons.  Lycopene has anti-inflammation characteristic and antioxidant that could protect neuron system from damage and inflammation.

Though lycopene has significant advantages, it is important to notice recommended consumption. Study by Rao et al. in 2002 revealed, daily lycopene consumption which is recommended should be 3,7 to 16,15 milligrams.

Palm oil could be one source of lycopene to regularly consume. But besides palm oil, lycopene could be found in tomato, red watermelon, papaya, and other fruits and vegetables. (T2)

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