Documentation Required for Smallholders in Bengkalis to Obtain ISPO Certification

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Mohammad Azmir, Head of Plantation Agency Regency of Bengkalis, and participants in Cultivation Document and ISPO Socialization.. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BENGKALIS – Head of the Plantation Agency in Bengkalis Regency, Mohammad Azmir, spearheaded a pivotal initiative to raise awareness among smallholders regarding the necessity of obtaining cultivation documents and Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification.

In an official inauguration event held at the UPT Pembibitan dan Pengembangan Perkebunan in the Bantan sub-district, Azmir emphasized the crucial role of proper documentation and adherence to quality standards in fostering sustainable palm oil cultivation. Moreover, he underscored the importance of scholarship opportunities for the children of planters and smallholders, aiming to elevate human resource quality in the region.

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As quoted from the official page of Regency of Bengkalis, Wednesday (21/2/2024), the socialization was attended by Head of Plantation Business and Counseling Riau Province Plantation Agency, Tengku Nuramizah Ibrahim. He told that to support sustainable plantation governance, particularly, palm oil, cultivation documents would be the base to know the width and traceability about independent smallholders’ plantations.

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The target to publish cultivation document is for the planters that cultivate less than 25 hectares plantations. Before it is published, there should be data, verification, and field validation on their areas that proposed (cultivation documents). The terms and conditions for the smallholders that proposed it, should be to plantation agency by completing data and documents, such as, ID of applicant, plantation data, forest region status, and area documents about ownership.

While ISPO is the system of palm oil plantation business which is economic, social, and environmental worthy. The goals are about to escalate cultivation, develop palm oil plantations in ISPO principles and criteria, escalate palm oil plantation competitiveness, and accelerate green-house gas reduction.

One other speaker (in the socialization), Merina told about scholarship for smallholders/planters’ children. It is available through the official website of General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture. Every term and condition can be seen and got through

The socialization was joined by agricultural counselors in Sub district of Bantan and many smallholders. It is hoped the information would be shared to smallholders’ groups in the regency. (T2)

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