Babinsa Langgam Reminds Smallholders to Prioritize Security Awareness in Palm Oil Plantations

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Serka Yondri serves as a Babinsa (Military Community Assistant) in Koramil 09/Lgm, under Kodim 0313/KPR, stationed within the smallholder community of the Langgam Subdistrict, located in the Pelalawan Regency of Riau. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PANGKALAN KERINCI – Social communication in palm oil plantations where the villagers live. The goal is about to encourage them to always prioritize work safety and prevent fresh fruit bunch (FFB) stealing.

Serka Yondri from Babinsa Koramil 09/Lgm Kodim 0313/KPR, is never tired of reminding the villagers of Tambak, Sub district of Langgam, Regency of Pelalawan that it is significant to get safety when working or having something to do.

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“Social communication would be not only about safety factor but about having communication/greetings and good cooperation between Babinsa and the villagers to realize Army oneness with the villagers,” Serka Yondri said, as quoted from the page of kodim0313kampar, Wednesday, 21 February 2024.

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By having interaction with smallholders, labors in palm oil plantations, he emphasized it is important to get self-protection namely in harvesting process. Accident keeps always happening, such as, hit by the fallen FFB, fallen leaves and others. This can be prevented by using the right self-protection tools.

“Though FFB price keeps in fluctuation, we have to always increase security in plantation areas to prevent FFB stealing,” he said.

It is important to be aware of safety and self-protection namely when working in palm oil plantation sector. What Serka Yondir and other officer have done, is the real thing to maintain safety and security for the smallholders and labors, and also confirm that every agricultural activity runs well to support the economy locally. (T2)

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