Indonesia’s CPO Production Rises Significantly in March 2024

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Indonesia’s crude palm oil (CPO) production saw a significant increase in March 2024. According to the latest data from the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), CPO production reached 4.102 million tons, marking a 5.50% rise from 3.888 million tons in February 2024.

“The increase in production also extended to palm kernel oil (PKO), which rose by 5.97%, from 369 thousand tons in February 2024 to 391 thousand tons in March 2024. This was attributed to the longer work days in March compared to February,” said Mukti Sardjono, Executive Director of IPOA, in an official statement to on Wednesday (29/5/2024).

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Additionally, domestic consumption of CPO increased by 1.40% in March 2024, rising from 1.864 million tons in February to 1.898 million tons. CPO consumption in the food sector saw a substantial increase of 7.54%, growing from 769 thousand tons in February to 827 thousand tons in March. Oleochemical consumption also rose by 6.86%, increasing from 175 thousand tons in February to 187 thousand tons in March.

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“But biodiesel consumption did decrease in March that reached 3,95% or from 920 thousand tons in February to be 884 thousand tons in March,” Mukti said.

Though biodiesel sector got decreased, the increasing in food and oleochemical sectors showed the increasing demands in the domestic.

In a whole, the increasing CPO production and consumption reflected the positive dynamic in palm oil industries. This also happened for the seasonal factors and the increasing domestic demands. This delivered the positive for palm oil industries nationally to face the challenges and opportunities in the globe. (T2)

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