TSE Group Pilot Project Plantation Becomes Agrotourism Location for Elementary School Students

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, BOVEN DIGOEL – Palm oil plantation company, Tunas Sawa Erma Group (TSE Group) did educative agro-tourism for Elementary School Students Camp in pilot project plantations that belongs to the company in Camp 19, Distrik Jair, District of Boven Digoel, South Papua Province, Friday (11/8).

Educational agro-tourism was directly with Mr. Park Jibae as General Manager (GM) Public Information of TSE Group and his officials. Mr. Park took the pupils to go around in the pilot project and saw animals and fish next to it.

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Educative agro-tourism was appreciated by SDN Camp 19 “From our school, we are grateful for the company for taking us go around in the pilot project plantation. This is fund and delivering education for our students,” Hartono, Head Master of SDN Camp 19 said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine.com recently.

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At the time, the Students were taken to do funny things, such as, breeding fish, seeing animals that the company breeds, and picking up mature cucumbers. Prior the pupils were taught how to start planting and got information about kinds of plants that are developed in the pilot project plantation.

It is developed as the agro-tourism location to deliver education how to do modern, efficient plantings for the people. Everyone can enjoy agro-toursm, including the pupils who live around the operational of the company.

Besides as educational infrastructure, pilot project plantation of TSE Group is about to escalate the people’s economy and maintain food security around the plantation. (T2)

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