Commission VII Visits Kobar to Monitor Palm Oil Downstream Industries

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Chairman Team of Specific Work Visit, VII Commission, Indonesian Legislators, Mukhtarudin in the specific work visit to monitor palm oil industrial zone in Regency of Kotawaringin Barat, Central Kalimantan, Thursday (4/7/2024). Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, KOTAWARINGIN BARAT – The VII Commission of Indonesian Legislators conducted a site visit to monitor the palm oil industrial zone at PT Citra Indah Borneo Group in Kotawaringin Barat (Kobar) Regency, Central Kalimantan Province.

Mukhtarudin, Chairman of the Specific Work Visit Team for the VII Commission, emphasized the importance of palm oil downstream industries as a strategy to add value through further processing. He highlighted several benefits of the program, including optimizing smallholders’ plantation productivity, facilitating the production of food and non-food materials, generating renewable energy, and revitalizing the local economy through industrial processes.

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“Besides, palm oil downstream industries would escalate the revenue from the downstream exports, escalate revenue from tax and non-tax, supply the needs in food and energy in the globe,” Mukhtarudin said when delivering speech in the meeting with PT CBI Group together with General Directorate of Agro-industry, and General Director of Resilience, Regionalization and International Industrial Access Ministry of Industry in the Regency of Kobar, as quoted from Parlementaria, Saturday (6/7/2024).

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The politician from Golkar Party also said the government published roadmap to develop palm oil downstream industries in the Regulation of Minister of Industry Number 13 / 2010 about the Substitution on the Regulation of Minister of Industry Number 111/M-IND/PER/10/2009 about Palm Oil Downstream Industrial Cluster Development Roadmap. It would be the pioneer to determine palm oil downstream industrial development.

That is why VII Commission would like to get comprehensive information about Citra Borneo Indah (CBI), the progress which is being and would be conducted by CBI and others that CBI would be in need. “VII Commission Indonesian Legislators hope that the meeting would create synergy among VII Commission, General Directorate Agro-industry, General Directorate of of Resilience, Regionalization and International Industrial Access Ministry of Industry, and also Citra Borneo Indah to solve the issues particularly about palm oil downstream industries,” he said.

For information, CBI Group is one company in Central Kalimantan Province that operate palm oil plantations and industries. It cultivates the plantation in Kobar, Landau, Seruyan that laid on about 71.189 hectares. CBI Group operates 3 palm oil mills, 1 kernel crushing plant and is developing 2 additional mills. (T2)

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