Plantation Agency of Mukomuko Regency Proactively Investigates Smallholders Replanting Program Concerns

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Plantation Agency of Mukomuko Regency Proactively Investigates Smallholders Replanting Program Concerns. Photo by:

PALMOILMAGAZINE, MUKOMUKO – The Plantation Agency of Mukomuko Regency in Bengkulu Province promptly addressed concerns raised by villagers regarding the Smallholders Replanting Program (SRP) in the area. Iwan Cahaya, the Head of Plantation, expressed his commitment to thoroughly investigate the information, particularly regarding the assumption that SRP was being conducted in areas with few palm oil plantations in the Sub-districts of Kota Mukomuko.

“We will investigate the claims made by groups in the Sub-district of Kota Mukomuko,” he stated, as reported by Antara recently.

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Residents alleged that SRP activities were taking place in vacant areas at various spots within the region, with videos purportedly documenting these locations. However, Iwan Cahaya clarified that based on previous verifications, SRP would not be implemented exclusively in vacant areas.

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Though the videos showed the locations near the riversides, he suspected palm oil plantations developed there but the instance faced access issue to the former plasma plantations because of infrastructure that four wheel – vehicle could not pass through.

To get accurate data, the agency asked the people to deliver data besides video because it did not inform specific location. The agency also asked the information about the land owners and the width.

In SRP, four smallholders’ groups go fund from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency for their trees were unproductive. The fund was for about 759 hectares.

Palm oil plantations in the regency are in Sub district Air Manjuto, Village of Bunga Tanjung, Sub district of Malin Deman, and Sub district of Kota Mukomuko. The fund allocation for the members of the smallholders’ groups is different but the biggest allocation was for KRP Tunas Harapan. (T2)

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