Regent of North Konawe Ruksamin, Emphasize the Integration of Regional and National Development Plans

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Regent of North Konawe, Ruksamin. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, NORTH KONAWE– Palm oil plantations in the Regency of North Konawe are encouraged to develop sustainably. To facilitate this, the Regency of North Konawe has initiated dialogues with various stakeholders to promote sustainable practices in palm oil cultivation.

The regency believes that engaging multiple parties in these discussions is crucial for improving the rapidly expanding palm oil sector. Both plantation companies and smallholders are considered key actors who should continuously receive support and guidance from the regency to ensure sustainable development.

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Particular emphasis is placed on independent smallholders, whose numbers are increasing in the community. This issue has been highlighted by the Regent of North Konawe, Ruksamin. He began his political career at a young age, supporting himself by selling products while still a student.

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After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Ruksamin worked as a teacher at the government senior high school Wawatibi from 2000 to 2001. He then served as a member of the Konawe Legislature from 2004 to 2007 and subsequently became the Chairman of the North Konawe Legislature from 2007 to 2009.

The happy person and easy to smile, often got significant position as the representative of the people in the Legislators. It is normal if he was elected as regent of North Konawe in 2016 to 2021. He is also working as smallholder.

Develop Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations

His experiences as a sustainable smallholder made Ruksamin not easily to surrender. As a regent, he realized it is significant to develop palm oil plantations in the regency. He thought palm oil industries hire direct workers abut 4,2 million men and direct workers about 12 million men in national scale.

In Southeast Sulawesi Province, the direct workers (in palm oil sectors) reached 438.501 men and in the Regency of North Konawe reached 23.358 men. “Palm oil plantations hire direct workers from the circumstance that need employment,” Ruksamin said.

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He continued, it is significant to get development plans in national scale and should be integrated and together. According to national scale development plans that were formulated by related ministries/institutions, regional development plans should be in accordance with the authority.

That is why, Regent Ruksamin thought, the region in accordance with its authority should formulate regional development plans as one unity in the national scale development plans because the developments in the region are some integrated plans of national scale development. (T1)

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