CPO Tender at KPBN Inacom and Malaysia Exchange Decreased on Thursday (2/5)

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CPO storage tank. Photo by: Palmoilmagazine.com

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The tender price for Crude Palm Oil (CPO) at PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) Inacom was Rp 12.050/kg on Thursday (2/5/2024), indicating a decrease of Rp 10/kg or approximately 0.08% compared to the Tuesday (30/4/2024) tender, which stood at Rp 12.060/kg.

According to Palmoilmagazine.com report from KPBN, CPO Franco in Dumai was priced at Rp 12.050/kg. In Belawan, CPO was also priced at Rp 12.050/kg but with a withdrawal (WD) option with the highest bid at Rp 11.960/kg. In Talang Duku, it was Rp 11.850/kg but with a WD option with the highest bid at Rp 11.750/kg. Similarly, in Teluk Bayur, it was priced at Rp 11.920/kg but with a WD option with the highest bid at Rp 11.787/kg.

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However, in Kembayan, the price was Rp 11.700/kg but with a WD option with the highest bid at Rp 6.500/kg. Additionally, Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) in Lampung was priced at Rp 15.508/kg but with a WD option with the highest bid at Rp 9.009/kg.

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Furthermore, the CPO price at the Malaysia Derivatives Exchange also saw a decrease for July 2024 delivery, reaching RM 9 per ton, which translates to approximately 0.24%, to be RM 3,809 (US$ 798.70) per metric ton.

As reported by Reuters, palm oil exports from Malaysia decreased between 9% and 11.5% in April 2024 compared to the previous month, according to cargo surveyors Intertek Testing Services and Amspec Agri.

Meanwhile, the Government of Indonesia would maintain tax and tariff on palm oil exports in May 2024 that would be US$ 52 per ton and US$ 90 per ton for each.

Soyoil contract price at Chicago Board of Trade decreased 0,25%. Dalian was closed until 5 May for the commemoration of International Labor’s Day

Here are CPO and CPKO tenders at KPBN (Rp./Kg), excluded income tax on Thursday (2/5/2024):


  • Franco Belawan Rp. 12.050 (WD) with the highest bid Rp. 11.960-BEST
  • Dumai Rp. 12.050-KJA
  • Talang Duku Rp. 11.850 (WD) with the highest bid Rp. 11.750-PRISCOLIN
  • Teluk Bayur Rp. 11.920 (WD) with the highest bid Rp. 11.787-WIRA
  • Kembayan Rp. 11.700 (WD) with the bid Rp. 6.500-DKSD, SDS, BTI

CPKO: Lampung Rp. 15.508 (WD) with the highest bid Rp. 9.009-KLKD. (T2)

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