CPOPC #YoungElaeis Program Selects 12 Young Elaeis Ambassadors

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Rizal Affandi Lukman, the General Secretary of CPOPC, highlighted the organization's commitment to providing accurate information about the palm oil industry at every level. Photo by: palmoilmagazine.com

PALMOILMAGAZINE, SURABAYA – The #YoungElaeis program, organized by the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC), aimed to bring together youth representatives from various selected countries, appointing them as young ambassadors to advocate for the values of sustainable palm oil.

This program was specifically designed for young individuals, ranging from high school students to university seniors. It served as part of the series of events commemorating the 8th anniversary of CPOPC on November 21, 2023.

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Rizal Affandi Lukman, the General Secretary of CPOPC, highlighted the organization’s commitment to providing accurate information about the palm oil industry at every level. With the support of the youth, the initiative aspires to enhance people’s understanding and dispel misconceptions about the palm oil industry.

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“That is why we keep having the strong spirit and positive power which would be supported by the youth to promote palm oil in the globe,” he said in CPOPC 8th Anniversary Dinner & #YoungEleis Ambassador Award that Palmoilmagazine.com attended, Thursday (23/11/2023) in Surabaya.

He continued that #YoungElaeis Ambassadors award was the program that CPOPC initiated. It got 80 contestant from many countries, such as, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Honduras, and from consumer countries, such as, French, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Netherland.

28 finalists were selected. With the support from the secretariat, they would contribute to reinforce three award categories, such as, smallholders, circular economy, and the third was sustainability.

“We hope your contribution in developing palm oil ecosystem to show more their roles in positively delivering impacts from palm oil globally,” Rizal said.

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Juliette Marie Martinez of Honduras said that for all these years, many countries cooperated better to confirm that palm oil could be exported in the globe and the world could enjoy palm oil market access, which was produced sustainably.

But it needs to solve the issues about the advantages from consumers and producer countries. It is time to navigate to develop self-defense from uncertain supply and price. “The support from the government is good to improve sustainable development,” she said.

George Tutu-Yeboah from Ghana said that everything could clearly see the information to what happened in Africa through digital platform. CPOPC has re-created sustainable palm oil practice initiative and important projects to develop the same action.

One can be done, George Tutu-Yeboah continued was that he himself tried to deliver the goodness of palm oil for the closest environments, such as, family and friends. “I told about palm oil industries to my families and friends,” he said.

He continued this should be the solution to encourage the same action with the finalists to inform what actually palm oil industries have done. “Inform who we are (palm oil industries) actually,” he said.

What Palmoilmagazine.com got, here are the winners of #YoungElaeis Ambassadors:

Smallholders category:

  1. Juliette Marie Martinez – Honduras
  2. Djono Albar Burhan – Indonesia
  3. Abdul Baits Dehana Padma Swastika – Indonesia

Special Recognition: Muhamad Nazarwin – Malaysia

Circular Economy category:

  1. Dhruv Prahladka- India
  2. Muhammad Izzuddin Bin Tuah – Malaysia
  3. Sebastian Appram – Ghana

Sustainable Palm Oil category

  1. George Tutu-Yeboah – Ghana
  2. Fatima Shabbir – Pakistan
  3. Elok Paikoh – Indonesia

Special Recognition: Lusita Sahurudin – Indonesia

Most Favorite Award: Emmanuel Enrrique Diaz Espinal – Honduras. (T2)

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