Agriculture Agency of Mukomuko Regency Collaborates with Legal Authorities and Police to Prevent Land Conversion to Palm Oil Plantations

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Palm oil plantation illustration. Photo by: Palmoilmagazine

PALMOILMAGAZINE, MUKOMUKO – Agriculture Agency Regency of Mukomuko, Bengkulu Province did cooperate with the Attorney and Police to prevent land use change and function to be palm oil plantation that would threaten agricultural sustainability in the regency.

The cooperation would be about to socialize and protect agricultural areas. It refers to some regulations, such as, Decision of Regent of Mukomuko Number 100-726 / 2022 and Regency Regulation Number 1 / 2015 to maintain agricultural area conservation.

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Head in duty of Agriculture Agency Regency of Mukomuko, Fitriani Ilyas said that every party should obey every regulation to maintain agricultural areas. In the socialization, the agency invited the attorney and police as the speakers. Every word in their speech would be listened to by the farmers. Fitriani was also sorry for the land use change that should actually be paddy fields but now turns to be palm oil plantations.

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“We invited the attorney and police as the speakers in the socialization because when the officials from the institutions delivered their words, the farmers would listen to,” she said, as quoted from Antara, Monday (19/2/2024).

One real proof happened in Sub district of Air Manjuto where a 28 hectare – area that should actually become new paddy fields, nine hectares of the numbers have become palm oil plantations. The agency did direct visit to the spot, discussed with head of villages and chairmen of groups to get the next actions.

Agriculture Agency Regency of Mukomuko would make data about land use change to be palm oil plantations by involving agriculture counselors and heads of villages. Since 2016 to 2019, 956,93 hectares palm oil plantations and peat were conversed to be paddy fields through program cetak sawah baru. This showed that the regency really wanted to maintain the real function of agricultural areas. (T2)

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