Palm Oil Publication Is Significant to Encourage Openness and Progress in Indonesia

Doc., JAKARTA – The fast progress of palm oil business in the globe including in Indonesia reaised much reaction from the markets, including palm oil and its derivative consumers. That is why whatever the consumers claimed should be description to get future sustainable palm oil business progress.

Editorial in Chief of InfoSAWIT, Ignatius Ery Kurniawan said that palm oil business globally and in Indonesia is successfully up to date as time goes progressively, such as, cellular telephone (handphone/HP). Ery, his nick name told the technology progress is the same with palm oil plantation business progress.

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In the opening ceremony of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Sawit Berkelanjutan on Wednesday, (7/6/2023), he delivered palm oil successful business that now reaches five ‘P’, just like HP, it reaches 5G.

When 3G in HP existed, palm oil business reached 3P that stands for People, Profit, and Planet. These were the focuses of sustainable business in 2000 to 2010s.

In the next period – 2010 to 2020s, palm oil business reached 4P which added by Prosperity. This is part of sustainable palm oil development.

He thought, open information era and palm oil business progress in Indonesia in 2020 to 2030s should refer to 5P which added by Publication through media. This is part of successful help to get sustainable palm oil business in this country.

“Media publication, such as, InfoSAWIT would encourage openness and progress of the future palm oil business,” Ery said in his opening speech of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) SAWIT BERKELANJUTAN VOL. 14 with the theme “Mengintegrasikan Industri Hulu Hingga Hilir Sawit Berkelanjutan”, that media InfoSAWIT did with the support from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, Wednesday (7/6/2023) in Jakarta.

He also said, palm oil publication to the media is needed because this sector is always facing accusation and trade barriers in the business, it would smooth the future business and deliver profits for the investors.

It would help other palm oil investors both in Indonesia and in the globe to control their business, help monitor the sustainability of palm oil.

That is why, Ery continued, every business owner and palm oil investor could involve to encourage open information through palm oil media. There would be profits for palm oil business owners, investors, and the people.

Buyers in the globe now apply traceability mechanism in palm oil and its derivative products. They also apply monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the suppliers.

He thought, there would be bigger challenges in the future because crude palm oil and its derivative get much discount and could even sold in the markets if being over supply.

That is why open information for the public through palm oil media would be the new history of palm oil existence in Indonesia. (T7)

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