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Doc. Special/ Director of Plantation Outcome Marketing and Process, Prayudi Syamsuri when delivering speech in the socialization of Siperibun in Medan, North Sumatera Province, Thursday, (13/7/2023).

PALMOILMAGAZINE, MEDAN – The government keeps trying and being committed to improve palm oil plantation/industrial governance in Indonesia, such as, having online self-reporting for planters through Sistem Informasi Perijinan Perkebunan (Siperibun).

The Indonesian Government’s Ongoing Commitment to Enhancing Palm Oil Plantation/Industrial Governance through Online Self-Reporting System call Sistem Informasi Perijinan Perkebunan (Siperibun)

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That is why the planters should be proactive to get self-report through Siperibun that has been starting since on 3 July 2023 to 3 August 2023.

Director of Plantation Outcome Marketing and Process, Prayudi Syamsuri said, every corporate/company should have account as data management in Siperibun to complete the data profile of the company up to business plantation permit data. Everything should be completed by documents and spatial map attachment in shapefile that covers plantation business permits, location permits, and business rights and should be uploaded in Siperbun application.

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These features would support spatial overlay to get solution on overlapping issues of area ownership or plantation permit. But the analysis to get solution on plantations in forest and non-forest areas, or decision on taxpayer, related ministry/institution would take advantage on the available data in Siperibun to be analyzed in each system of ministry/institution.

“We really hope synergy and commitment from every company, related agency or instance that deals with plantation to succeed and perfect palm oil governance,” he said, as quoted from the official page of Ministry of Agriculture, Friday, (14/7/2023).

Prayudi continued it needs to improve it together. We have to maintain the prestige or positive achievement of plantation sectors in Indonesia. “Which is as the number one (biggest) palm oil producer in the world. It is undeniable that the revenue from agriculture is the biggest from palm oil (sector),” he said.

Prior Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Eddy Martono said, his organization would support the government. The members of IPOA would improve their data right in the support.

Eddy continued, IPOA socialized to its members on Tuesday (4/7) about self – reporting. The socialization was with Ministry o Agriculture and Coordinator Ministry in Maritime and Investment. “It is hoped, this (self-reporting) would get the right database to get the better policies (in palm oil sectors) in Indonesia,” he said. (T2)

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