Investigation Launched by the Attorney Regarding Assumptions on the Auction of Palm Oil Plantation Land Lease in Myara Kawai

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, PADANG – Investigation Initiated by the West Sumatera Provincial Attorney Regarding Assumptions on the Auction of Palm Oil Plantation Land Lease in Myara Kiawai, Gunung Tuleh, Pasaman Barat in 2022.

Head of Legal Information West Sumatera Attorney, Farouk Fahrozi said the case is now in investigation process since 23 June 2023. The nowadays focus is to get information from many witnesses.

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“By now, the investigation team of West Sumatera Attorney has got information from nine men that have something to do with palm oil plantation rent auction of (TKD) as witnesses,” he said, as quoted from Antara.

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Farouk continued, before the case increased up to investigation, his side did inquiry in the first place. From the inquiry, the team found something crime and against the law. The inquiry increased up to investigation by having two legal evidences.

For information, the investigation is series of what investigation team did to get and gather evidences. The evidences would clear up about what crime really happened to get the suspect(s).

He Fahrozi also told, the case started from the people’s report that Pasaman Barat Attorney got. It was followed up by the local attorney by gathering every information and materials. As the process went on, West Sumatera Attorney in Padang eventually took the case (to be investigated). (T2)

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